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  * TEKES Regional Funding, 2017-2020 ([[http://venda.uef.fi/inverse/FrontPage/People/Marko%20Vauhkonen|Marko Vauhkonen]])   * 2017-2020 ([[http://venda.uef.fi/inverse/FrontPage/People/Marko%20Vauhkonen|Marko Vauhkonen]])

Projects - Funding

Projects funded by Academy of Finland

  • Finnish CoE in Inverse Problems

    • Centres of excellence programme 2006-2011 and 2012-2017, Prof. Matti Lassas, University of Helsinki (Prof. Jari Kaipio)

  • Four-dimensional Airborne Laser Scanning
    • Project in Academy's ICT2023 programme "Methods and applications for management and analysis of big data and open data", 2016-2017 (Aku Seppänen)

  • Advanced modeling and inverse problems in non-destructive testing
    • Academy research fellow post and research costs 2013-2018 (Aku Seppänen)

  • Approximation error modeling in large scale inverse problems in imaging
  • Quantitative treatment planning for transcranial focused ultrasound therapy

Projects funded by Tekes (The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation)

  • Multiphase flow imaging in industrial processes

Projects funded by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation