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Ville-Veikko Wettenhovi


Phone: +358-50-400 2451
Room: 252-5 (Melania)
Email: ville-veikko.wettenhovi(at)uef.fi

Current work

OMEGA - Open-source MATLAB emission tomography software

OMEGA is an open-source software for reconstructing positron emission tomography (PET) data. OMEGA supports full 3D reconstruction of PET data in MATLAB from either sinogram data or from raw list-mode data. Included are 10 different ML-methods, 7 MAP-methods and 10 priors. The reconstructions can be computed parallel in either CPU or on GPU, where the GPU side is implemented in OpenCL. For more information see the software page or the GitHub page.

• M.Sc. 2015 Time-varyig reconstruction in
positron emission tomography (In Finnish) (PDF)
• Ph.D. 2019 (expected)

Research Areas
• PET and MRI image reconstruction
Bayesian inverse problems