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Aku Seppänen


Associate Professor
Ph.D, Docent
Phone: +358 40 7405624
Room: Me-228 (Melania)
Fax: +358 17 16 2585
Skype: aku.seppanen
Email: Aku.Seppanen(at)uef.fi

List of Publications (pdf)

M.Sc -thesis: Correction of Collimator Blurring
and Attenuation in Single Photon Emission
Computed Tomography (pdf), 2000
Ph.D -thesis: State Estimation in Process
Tomography (pdf), 2005
Docentship: Applied Inverse Problems, 2011

Research Areas
Inverse problems & uncertainty quantification
• Electrical Impedance Tomography
Non-destructive testing of concrete
Industrial process tomography
Remote sensing of forest
• Atmospheric inverse problems

Teaching: Lectures
• Statistical Inverse Problems (Autumn 2017)
• Transport Phenomena (Autumn 2018)
• Electromagnetic field theory (Spring 2019)
ICIPE 2017: Workshop on Inverse Problems
in the Bayesian Framework (May 2017)

My Research Team
Anna Kaasinen (postdoc)
Antti Voss (PhD student)
Jyrki Jauhiainen (PhD student)
Petri Kuusela (PhD student)
Mikko Räsänen (PhD student)
Teemu Salminen (PhD student)
Tuukka Heiskanen (MSc student)
I'm also cosupervising PhD students
Kasper Kansanen and Muhammad Arif.

Supervision: Completed thesis works
PhD theses: 4 as primary supervisor
(Kimmo Karhunen, Antti Lipponen, Dong Liu,
Petri Varvia), and 1 as secondary supervisor
(Anna Kaasinen)
MSc theses: 8
BSc theses: 6
BEng theses: 1

Video of the lecture in science week 2012
(In Finnish)
Electrical Impedance Tomography measurement
session 2016 (video by Prof. Samuli Siltanen)

Research highlights:


The UEF Inverse problems group and the group of Prof. Mohammad Pour-Ghaz from North Carolina State University have recently developed a new 'sensing skin' technology for detecting cracks in concrete structures. The research has drawn a wide interest in public mediait has been reported e.g. by phys.org, NASA Tech Briefs, wn.com, Science Newsline, ScienceDaily, Durability+Design, materialstoday, theEngineer, World Industrial Reporter and Capitalista. In Finnish press, the research was noted e.g. by Aamulehti, Turun Sanomat, Maaseudun tulevaisuus and Yle.

► M. Hallaji, A. Seppänen, M. Pour-Ghaz: Electrical impedance tomography-based sensing skin for quantitative imaging of damage in concrete, Smart Materials and Structures, 23: 085001, 2014.