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Process tomography laboratory, conventional sensors on the flow pipe


Various capacitive measurement cell based sensors with pressure range between 0-1 bar to 0-6 bar (Cerabar PMC131) are attached to the process pipe. For this sensor, the maximum measured error is < 0.5 % of the range. There are also differential pressure measurement cells on the vertical part of pipe (Deltabar S FDM78).

The gas injection measurement (B) is performed using the thermal mass flow measurement system (Proline t-mass 65). Measured value deviation is max. 0.8% of the output value in the range of 1.6 kg/h to 53 kg/h.



The conductivity transmitters are based on an inductive principle (Smartec S CLD134). The measurement range is up to 2000 mS/cm. The sensor includes internal temperature compensation using a Pt-1000 sensor. The measured value deviation is max. 0.75 % of the current output range.

The main flow and chemical injection measurements are performed using the electromagnetic flow measurement system (Proline Promag 55 and Promag 50 H). The main flow can be measured up to the range of 600 l/min. The measured value deviation in the range between 30 and 600 l/min is max. 0.5 %. The chemical injection measured value deviation is max. 1% of the output value in the range of 6 ml/s to 63 ml/s.



Chemical injection is generated using an electromagnetic metering pump (Iwaki EW-G46VH). For a discharge flow adjustment, there is a dual control system which controls the length of the stroke and the number of strokes employed. The discharge range can be set up to 400 ml/min.

The temperature measurements are performed with a standard Pt-100 RTD-sensors (TR10, Endress + Hauser).